June 20, 2012

jean vest lady

okay, so how do y'all feel about the jean vest trend? i recently cut up an old jean jacket of mine and made it into a vest, and i like it.... i am just having trouble finding something to wear it with. it is a tricky item, and course all the other fabulous bloggers out there can pull it off--- but i'm a strugglin.

this is how i envision my look to be.... thanks polyvore!

jean vest lady

a little inspiration from pinterest

i like how sometimes you can dress it down, and then in the last one she looks so chic and dressed up. and this next photo just go ahead and laugh, because i made my vest and then quickly put it on and sent a silly little photo in the group text with my friends {they all hated the vest by the way, but they aren't chic so whatever}

as you can tell, i am doing a stupid pose {once again i sent this to my friends} so, my face is cut out etc. but you get the jist. i am going to wear this sometime this week i decided, or maybe next. 

how do y'all feel about the jean vest trend?



1 comment:

  1. I know jean vests are all the rage right now, but I'm having a hard time accepting the trend... It's cute, but it just feels like it won't last long so I'm hesitant to throw money at it. Cute look you've put together though! xx