September 11, 2014

things i'm liking lately.

this kid. and pink and blue combos. 

this shirt, first seen on paige armita (her blog is awesome) find it on sheinside (also awesome) 

wavy hair, i bought a curling wand. despite burning my hand, it has been awesome. 

j crew + neon + my momma


July 21, 2014

meet sylas.

i like to give this blogging thing a whirl every now and again. i think that from time to time i try to have all of these grand ideas about how my blog "should" be or how my blog "could" be but ya know what i think I'm just gonna try and be me. (does that rhyme, lets just go with it)

over the past few months i made some changes, two include getting a dog and moving in with my boyfriend who has become my roommate. life is more fun with a boy and a dog.

so meet sylas. he is half corgi, half golden retriever, we got him from the paws in prison program of arkansas. if there is one in your state, I highly recommend adopting a dog through them. he is sweet, and loving, and about the best thing around.


February 24, 2014

wall collage

i started my new wall collage. i see them all the time on pinterest. and thought hey. why not.

luckily my boyfriend is an amazing photographer and is in africa right now and sent me the picture from there, and i love elephants. the other one to start is one i got at an estate sale, yes it is a super sassy lady and her cat, not to be mistaken for a fur stole.


February 23, 2014

warby parker

during my 2nd grade year, i took a vision test at school and my parents were mortified to find out i was struggling to see. they had always wondered why i couldn't catch the ball in softball, or why i wouldn't move away from the tv when they came in to find me two inches away and would say move back. my vision was horrible. and over the next 2 years it rapidly became worse as i wore glasses. so in fourth grade they put me in contacts to slow down my vision change.
i grew to hate glasses, as they were harder for me to see with, and i just wore them before bed and first thing in the morning. 
well, i decided to take the dive and get some nice glasses. of course, i thought why not warby parker? their glasses are cute, you get to try five different pairs on, and when mine were late they easily sent another pair, and answered the phone on the first ring. i mean, who does that these days. so thanks warby parker, i love em. mine happen to be the downing, in tortoise. check them out for yourself, 

happy sunday friends. 


January 28, 2014


as much as i love the grammy's, i feel as if the fashion is always somewhat sub-par. nevertheless, despite the mediocre fashion, the performances are always incredible. i had very few fashion favorites, but here are a few.


January 26, 2014

never met a sunset i didn't like

sometimes it takes a good sunset just to change around your day completely. my boyfriend just climbed to the top of mount kilimanjaro and will be in africa for a month, so i had the menial task of watering his plants (why he left me with this task is beyond me, as my green thumb ain't so green.)
i looked in my rear view mirror and i knew the sun was setting behind me, so i went well above the speed limit to try and make it.
my boyfriend has an insane view to begin with, but it gets better.

insane right, i plopped into the rocking chair and let the two minutes pass over me as i took it all in. so once again, i never met a sunset i didn't like. happy sunday!


January 1, 2014

happy 2014

happy 2014, hard to believe this year has already flown past us.

so let us throw on some sparkly shoes and pretend to make those resolutions happen.